Alien Name Generator

The first thing that we use while introducing ourselves to somebody or to point out towards something is a Name. There’s a lot more in a name, and we people in this world have our name as our identity. Though there are people with similar names, there’s the importance of having a name.

But there’s a question that what name would be good for the fellow person. You may have named someone or maybe you have suggested a name for somebody but have you ever thought that if we come across to an Alien; what’d be its name. if that Alien can understand our language than it’d be great that we’ll directly ask it but if not we’ll need to select a name for that special figure.

Well, moving a bit away from fantasy; we are the people who like stories, fiction, and films. The science fiction is more interesting for the students of high-school or for those who are curious to know the world beyond its limit. There are various science fiction and Sci-fi films featuring Alien in it but the most difficult part of these fiction writers or the scriptwriters while talking or introducing an Alien in a picture is choosing a suitable name for it. We cannot give a name to an Alien, like Robert, Finch, Stuart, etc. as it is the known name of this world and it doesn’t sound like an Alien name.

So, now the question is how to pick a name for the Alien; what kind of name can justify its Alien factors? And what if you can find a generator or a way of generating Alien name which will help you to generate a name for your Alien Character; it’d be a lot easier and helpful, right? The Alien name generator will help to create a name for the Alien character. Let’s see how it will work.


How will you generate Alien’s name?

The purpose of the name is to identify or to know that specific person or things. But when it comes to giving a name to the Alien; there’s a bit of confusion about choosing a name for an Alien but there’s something which can help you decide a name for your Alien character and that is Alien name generator; let’s look at it.

How is your Alien character?

To decide a name for an Alien the first thing is to be considered is how is that Alien is being presented, from where it came, what abilities it has, what is its nature, what is the source of its strength and its gender, etc.

Let’s have a look at an example:

The planet name that it is belonging to:
Sometimes we can name a character from the place it is belonging to i.e. if the Alien came from Mars; we’d call it Martian.
Abilities of it:
If you’re describing an Alien with power or some special power that also can be a source of its name. if we Take Martian with a power of constructive ability, another name of it could be ‘Constructomarti’ or ‘Conma’; Con of ‘constructive ability and Ma of ‘Martian’ as it is belonging to Mars.

What is its nature?

If your character has a specific nature, for example, curious, helping or exploring, etc. you can use it as a part of its name. if we select it curious nature we can add ‘cur’ to the name and if we select the names that we have mentioned above; we’ll get a name something like ‘Constructomacur’ or ‘Conmacur’

Its source of strength and gender:

Let’s take the Alien as the female gender and the Sun as its source of strength. And add it in our above-mentioned name. We’ll take ‘Con’ from Construction, ‘Ma’ from Martian, ‘Cur’ of Curious and ‘Sun’ as it is the source of its strength. But as we have taken a female gender we’ll make the name sounds feminine so in place of ‘Ma’ of Martian; we can choose ‘Mi’ as it is sounding feminine and so we have generated our Alien’s name as ‘Conmicusu’; ‘Con’ from its constructive abilities, ‘Mi’ the feminine of Ma of Martian, ‘Cu’ as curious nature and ‘Su’ from Sun the source of its strength.

Considering these basic points regarding the character of an Alien, we can generate a name for our Alien character. There’re some other ways also, for example, it’s appearance, its sound or its specific and unusual ability. And when you have all this necessary information, you’ll definitely generate a Name for Alien with the Alien name generator.

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