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About Our Fake iPhone Text Message Generator

Life is too short to pass up on some light-hearted fun, right? That’s why we’ve got something super cool for you, a fake iPhone text message generator. A perfect tool for playing pranks on your friends, making funny or creative memes, and even coming up with clever marketing strategies. Want to explore more about our awesome tool? Keep scrolling!

What is the Fake iPhone Text Message Generator?

The Fake iPhone text message generator is a fun tool for having some fun, creating a unique social media presence, and trying out tricky marketing strategies. What’s even cooler is that it lets you tweak how messages look on an iPhone display so they seem real. You can edit things like the header, and footer, and even switch between light and dark mode. Also, you can type in whatever messages you want to show like they’re being sent or received. However, keep in mind that this fake iMessage maker tool is designed just for fun, not to do anything sneaky or mean.

Features of Fake iPhone Text Message Generator.

Reap the benefits of using a fake iPhone text message generator.

  • Support iOS and Android Devices: It supports iPhone and Android phones so that everyone can use them for fun.
  • Live Preview & Download: You can see how the fake chat will look in real time and it is easy to download and share.
  • True Replica Design: It gives an authentic iPhone message look, so nobody can say it’s fake.
  • Loaded With Latest Features: A complete package of all the coolest options to make your fake texts perfect.
  • Use Emojis: You can add emojis to text and contact names, just like you would on a real iPhone.
  • Good for Marketing: This fake iPhone message chat generator is great for trying out creative marketing ideas or creating a unique social media presence.

How to Use Our Fake iPhone Text Message Generator?

Using the fake iMessage maker tool is easy on the clicks. Look how!

Step 1 Visit our Fake iPhone Text message Generator.

iphone text message step 2

Step 2

Layout: Pick one from (1) iPhone to Android and (2) iPhone to iPhone as per your requirement.

Step 3

Parts: Select if you want to hide the header and footer or else don’t make any changes. You can also choose dark mode by clicking on the dark mode button.

iphone text message step 3
iphone text message step 4

Step 4

Network: Choose a network from 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, and WIFI, and choose if you want to show you have a dual sim or just one.

Step 5

Time: First choose the time format from 12 or 24 hours. Then, enter the time you want to display in the header of the screenshot.

iphone text message step 5
iphone text message step 6

Step 6

Battery Options: First, select whether you want to show the battery percentage or not. If yes, then go blue and enter the battery percentage.

Step 7

Come to the Screenshot: You will see the pencil icons in the editable sections.

  • (1) Profile Picture: Click on the profile and upload a display picture.
  • (2) Unread Messages: Click on the unread message that appears on the left of the profile picture and enter the number of unread messages you want to show.
  • (3) Name: Click on the name and enter it as per your prank.
  • (4) Date & Time: Enter the date and time you want to show on which the conversation took place.
iphone text message step 7
iphone text message step 8

Step 8

Chat: You now have two options - Sender and receiver. For that click on the message box.

  • - Send a Message: If you want to send a message first then, click on ‘sender’, enter the time, and choose the day from none, today, yesterday, or another day. Now enter the text you as per your prank or plan. Also, you can use the emoji to make it look more real. You can also add images. Lastly, click on send.
  • - Receive the Message: If you want to receive a message, click on the ‘receiver’, enter the time, and choose the day as you did in the sender. Enter the text message you want to type and tap on send.

Step 9

Download the Screenshot: Once you are done creating a chat, you can download the screenshot by clicking on ‘Download iPhone Message as Image’.

iphone text message step 9

What Are the Benefits of Using the Fake iPhone Text Message Generator?

  • - Easy-to-use interface for an amazing experience.
  • - The best thing is, it is a convenient tool for generating fake messages in a minute or two.
  • - Accessible anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.
  • - The best tool for effective marketing and promotional ideas.
  • - Great for creating engaging social media content in the form of memes or posts.
  • - And for fun or pulling off playful pranks by creating fake conversations.
  • - You can use it on all devices whether it is Android or iOS.

How to Use Fake iPhone Text Message Generator for Marketing?

Keeping the fun part aside, a fake text message generator can be really helpful for marketing. Look how.

  • - You can involve your brand in the fake conversation to grab the attention of the reader.
  • - Customize messages with brand elements like their name and logo.
  • - Showcase product features in a relatable manner.
  • - Share creative content on social media to generate buzz, maybe in the form of memes.
  • - Use promotional ideas and marketing strategies to involve customers in it.

For example,

whatsapp video call Background

Caption: In a world where nobody cares, at least there’s my Uber driver.


Where Can You Use This Fake iPhone Text Message Generator?

You can use the iPhone text generator to play pranks on friends and jokes, create memes for social media, or create humorous content. This also works best for marketing and promotional strategies. Just visit our text message generator and make fake chats for free. Keep in mind that, you must not use it to harm or hurt someone.

How Many Times Can I Generate Fake iPhone Messages With This Generator?

You can create an endless number of chats using this fake iPhone chat generator. There are no limits on making fake chats using this generator.

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